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Please Play Ball With Me!IntensePoor TessieSleepy TimeSweet Sleepy FaceBehind BarsHurt FootSweet GirlSmiley FaceTough LifeSuntimeHugs!What Is This Thing?Do You Like It?Sooooooo Tired!Snuggling InSleepy BunchGive It To Me!Please Play With Me!Comfy and Curled UpCan You Throw It?Interesting!Look Over ThereBest FriendsPlay MateGuitar HeroBall TimeStareFutonSleepy FriendFamily PictureBedRestingTongueThirstySeriousPillow sleep.Pretty FaceHey Buddy!Big EarsSunny Day!The QueenSleeping With Her BallY A W NInteresting?!Gotta love a good roll in the grassAnything interesting going on over there?What a profile!Liquid refreshmentJust making some new friends way over here at the parkUm can you move?  You are blocking the sun!Hey Bradley, Want to play ball with me?These sandals smell like my dad.  I love him!Playing ball is so much fun!  I would play all day long!I am so comfy!I love my life!Boppy time again.I should have gotten one of these boppys along time ago!What did I do now?This boppy thing is not half bad.Just taking a little snooze with my Dad and my brother Bradley.Another piture!  Do I have to smile this time?I am beat!Can I help you?I won!  I won!  I am the "Most Adorable Pet" for August!I am such a pretty dog!Is there a reason that you are making me stay behind this gate?What is that?  Is that something I can play with?Can't a dog get any sleep around here?Are these new toys for me?Seems as if there is always more work to do on the computer.  Who is this little guy?  I think that it is my new brother.  He is awfully cute!!!so much activity going on these last few days, I sure am beat!I like this kid, can we keep him?Alittle to the left.  That's the spot I love!Mom and Dad just got home from the Hospital after having my brother Bradley.  I missed them so much.Was I not suppose to pull all the stuffing out of this toy?Daddy is such a good pillow!Where is the ball?  I know that it is somewhere?  Over here?  Did you see it over there?  Where did it go? Here it is!Here is a ball, I am ready to play with it, if you want that is!SMILE!This is a great spot to cool off.I need a drink after all that playing outside!Let me catch my breath!After a long day of playing, I love to sleep on the couch with Dad.Am I suppose to be chewing on this?Are you talking to me?Life is good!I am scared that I may get sucked down the drain when momma lets the water out!What is going on over there?So very sleepyMomma's skirt makes a nice soft bed.We could play soccer, or catch, or whatever you want to play.Daddy hates this noisy toy, but it is so much fun to play with!Don't you just love my sweet face?!What is going on?  Am I missing anything?I need a major break!So much playing makes me thirsty.  Good thing my mom brings water for me.I am having so much fun playing ball at the park!Lets keep playing!Playing ball with her little friend CharlieBath time is so scary!  Why can't I just be stinky?PLEASE, will you play with me?! Please, please, please!Good memories of the little days of TessieLove this little pup.  She is so sweet.Daddy is teasing me!I love having new gifts for my birthday!Momma is so tired having to take care of me and the baby in her belly.  Good thing we got each other to nap with.When I peak around Daddy, I can still see you trying to sneak a picture of me.the couch is so comfy, this blanket so soft, my eyes are so heavy.  Boy am I sleepy!The flash is way too bright, Mom!Nothing beats sunbathing!It is so nice to snuggle on the couch with Momma while we take a nap. What did I do to deserve this prison?!Nap time on my favorite Boston Red Sox blanket.  I love the RedSox, I wasn't named Tessie for nothing.I'm just looking to the future with hope.Yeah, Daddy is home.  I love him so much.  This is so exciting!Where is my daddy?  Will he be home from work soon?I love to cuddle up to my daddy to go to sleep.What do I choose, soccerball or red bone?Daddy, I am biting your shirt.  What are you going to do about that?This is the best part of my bed and my collar.My bed and my collarThat was a nice toy before i totally pulled it apartThis snow sutff is pretty cold, but pretty fun to run around in too.You didn't know that I am this famous, did you?Well, since I wrecked my second bed I have to sleep on my mom's legs. It is pretty comfy!i love this chew bone!  Good ol' days laying in my bed in the sun.We could play with this toy if you want.  If not, I have lots of others to choose from!I am under the chair because I am trying to get away from you.  Is that so hard to figure out?Did you need something, or can I continue with my nap?This is my Dad, Father Abraham.Come on!  I thought that you were going to play with me!I love to play catch, fetch, dance... well, I just love to playCheese!Why are you moving away?  I thought that you wanted me to massage your head?Hey, did you just say that you wanted to play tag??? Please, please.  Ok, maybe some other game?Give me a big smile!What did I do this time that i have to be stuck back here?Does this smell funny to you?Umm, were you playing with that?  Oh, I see, I guess I can play with something else.I will not be staying here for long, I have alot of playing to do.Since I wrecked my bed twice I have to sleep up here on this pillow on the couch.I'd better take a little nap before I start playing again.This cat has helped me through a lot of tough nights.Now I am just acting silly.My new house came with a new bone.Look how high I can jump!You know it is cold out here right?  Can I come in now?Sleeping belly up.Am I not suppose to be chewing on this?The good ol' days of the penDo I have to stay in here for along time?Oops, I made a mess again, with my new bed that I have only had about 2 weeks.Momma, got me a new bed just because she loves me so much!Well, I got a little bored, and I chewed my bed into a million big, medium, and very tiny pieces.Good thing I have these feet to rest on.Not quite sure what this stuff on the ground is, but it sure is cold.At least my bath is finished, now where are those treats you said that I could have.It is so scary to take a bath!  I would rather be stinkySo sweet, so little.Sitting so pretty!What a cute little side view.Is this the way you wanted me to pose?I got my new shirt and my new chew toy.  What else could you ask for?!Little queen on the couchGood thing Momma fixed my cat!Well, I guess you could say I loved my cat to death.I love Christmas presents!Not quite sure what is do great about this box, but Momma is sure excited about it!Did you happen to notice that my ear is broken?This is the life!Just hanging out in my bed.Anyone interested in going to a Celtics game with me?I love Daddy's sandalsHere is a nice veiw of my profile!Elivis is in the building!  I ain't nothing but a... hound dog???I know, I know, I smell really good!Can I help you with something?Oh is this your blanket?  Did you want it back?  That must be tough, huh?!Can I come in?  I'll be really good, I promise!We are Family!Merry Christmas!I love this puppy!What a pretty little puppy! Posing for the camera.Sleepy little baby TessieI don't think I should be chewing on this.What is this I see?YawnIs it too much to ask for to take a nap in peace?So sweet!Tessie sandwichRelaxation at its best.  I love the park!I am having some great dreams!I brought you this nice toy.  So, you want to play?So you are going to California to stay at a nice resort, and I am staying here.  I guess that is OK.I can't wake up from this anesthesiaRelaxing with my feet up.  This is the life!S T R E T C H!What are you doing?  This is my bed!  You can't put that in there!I have my comfy bed and my sweet sweater, what else could I want?!I love it when Daddy gets home from work!Is my "time out" almost up.  I want to play with those kids!How do you like my pink sweater?This is where i got "fixed" on Friday October 27, 2006.I need a nap!Tag you're it!So, I've got a tough life!  After playing and running around you would want to rest in the sun too.I just wanted to see what came in the mail today?Warhol finishI love my crate! More sleep time.What a long day, I need a nap!Something about this rug tastes really good!Oh man this is comfy!Someone should have told me he was going to give me a shot before I kissed him!I'm here!How long am I going to have to stay on this side of the gate?I love my little cat, sometimes I use her as a pillow too.Just chillin in my new bed with my fav sandal toysYesh, does this girl ever stop with the camera?I like the harness a lot better than the collar!Who do you think will win this time?Today when I woke up both my ears were sticking up all the way! (8/19/06)Pick me, pick me, oh i fell asleep while I was waiting.One ear up one ear down.Smile!Look at me, I can jump really high.Anything I can do?  I am a good helper!I am a little puppy, I need a lot of sleep.What a fun day relaxing at the park!Give me a second to dry off won't ya.Check out my new sweater.Sleeping near my favorite man.You didn't know, I am in training for the World CupI got your pumpkin right here.Can I hepl you?  I am kinda in the middle of something.Here is how this works, you throw it I chase after it and bring it back.  Did you want to try it out?  Auntie misses Teth!All this playing makes me sleepy!Are you really going to take another picture of me?What about this toy?  You want to play with me with this toy?I love to chew on my red and white ball.I can barely keep my eyes open.So sweet!What's for dinner?Lip smackingLook at all my toys!Tessie beats up PappaOldie but goodie! Back when she was still Sally.Ummm, I was just looking for somthing I lost? I think.You talking to me?I'll be right with you.  Right now I am helping Daddy with some computer problems.Can we take Tessie?  Please?!Roomba? Is this a new friend?Sunning herselfCatching some raysBlack & WhiteHappy FamilySo sleepy.So she doesn't really like being a pumpkin!Look, a little pumpkin!Dancing as usualSleeping with her little tongue outAlways making new friendsDaddy, can I please have a quick kiss?!My ears will stick up soon, I promise!Such a little lady with her legs crossedI hate my new red collar!Tessie's first bath.  She HATED it!Tessie Mae with her new mother
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